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Deal of the Dead Final Cut


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Deal of the Dead Final Cut
Deal of the Dead Final Cut

Deal of the Dead: Final Cut is a Solitaire-style, survival horror, card game.

Fight your way through a zombie-infested city in search of rescue. Wield a variety of single-use melee weapons and reloadable ranged weapons to take down the undead. Increase your chances of survival by rescuing other survivors and searching for first aid kits and other usable items along the way. Each deck is randomized and reshuffled as you progress through different locations to ensure a unique play though every time.

Salvation awaits…


A short tutorial and campaign introduce the gameplay features with a simple narrative and progressive difficulty level.


Complete the Campaign to unlock Freeplay mode. Freeplay allows you to fully customize your gameplay experience with settings to input your name and adjust your avatar, difficulty level, number of locations, number of bosses, special weapons, and game background, etc.

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Key Fetures:

  • Accessible turn-based gameplay
  • Unique hand drawn art style
  • Unlockable Freeplay mode
  • Fast gameplay loop (under 5 minutes per deck)
  • More than 200 card variations

Deal of the Dead Final Cut PC Crack