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境界 Dice&Fighter


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境界 Dice&Fighter
境界 Dice&Fighter

Devil is invading and the world is on the razor’s edge. Warriors must overcome all obstacles to defeat the devil and save the world. Will you be the next Redeemer?”

Well actually, we are talking nonsense…Ah ha, we just want to create a pure game with dragons to slay and enemies to fight.

Dice&Fighter is a console game with elements such as RPG, AVG, SLG, CCG, etc. In accordance with it’s turn-based battle mode, 1v1 dicing is the only thing you need to do. There is no complicated plots, no mandatory novice guidance or even no network required. All you have to do is to explore.

You can choose different characters and pets, each of whom has different characteristics and abilities. You will gain all kinds of treasures, skills and props through adventures and make proper match to slay the monster. Every round is a new beginning of different experience.



turn-based dicing with mlid strategy

various kinds of characters and pets

free matches of hundreds of skills and treatures, and dozens of props

unknown events in the progress of adventure

境界 Dice&Fighter

境界 Dice&Fighter


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