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Eden’s Last Sunrise


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Eden’s Last Sunrise
Eden’s Last Sunrise

Eden’s Last Sunrise is a retro tactical RPG with a twist from the creator of The Tenth Line. Pick a side, train your troops, and choose your path as the final days of the world wind down.

The main loop of Eden’s Last Sunrise is based on light time management. As the commander of the Cradle Project, you will establish control across the Grand Continent, gathering resources and support while training your troops and managing their gear, classes, skills, and trust in you.

Dispatch missions occur at the start of each week, where you will cleverly send your troops to handle certain situations depending on their personal strengths and abilities. As the week progresses, you will be given options for how to spend your time: taking on battles as they appear, training skills for groups of allies directly, socializing with your new friends, or even just exploring the world on your own and see what you come across!

Key Fetures:

  • Classic turn-based tactical RPG combat with adjustable difficulty and a unique action point system that let you make the most of every turn.
  • A rich story full of colorful characters and multiple story paths and endings.
  • Engage with your allies personally through visual novel-like story skits. Gain their trust and unlock their personal stories as you grow closer.
  • Create custom units, choose their colors/costume/voices, import your own custom portrait artwork for them, and lead them to victory alongside the main cast.
  • Dispatch teams of allies to take on missions across the Grand Continent, manage regions and materials to improve your weapons, or just play cards against your squadmates when you need a break from the battlefield.

Eden’s Last Sunrise

Eden’s Last Sunrise


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