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Erannorth Chronicles


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Erannorth Chronicles
Erannorth Chronicles

Erannorth Chronicles is an old-school sandbox RPG/Card Game with focus in Deck-Building freedom and Character Customization.

Character Customization Freedom.

Deckbuilding Freedom.

Free Sandbox Exploration.

Full Modding and Steam Workshop Support

Modding a game was never easier!

Key Fetures:

  • Create your unique Hero by choosing from 9 Species (with 35 variants) and 9 Classes (with 47 specializations) each with different Skills, Perks, Starting Decks and Card Pools.
  • Your Skills will affect both your card pool and the effectiveness of your cards, while your Perks will let you increase specific effects and tailor your cards around your build.
  • No tedious Unlock systems. Play the hero you want, whenever you want.
  • Build hundreds of different decks and collect over 2630+ cards.
  • Adjust your Deck and Add and Remove the cards you collect at any time.
  • Tactically switch Decks & Equipment during Encounters to gain advantage or just get out of a tough spot.
  • Fetch & Use Consumables from your Backpack.
  • Roam in a large sandbox world with many different locations, challenges and treasure hunts.

Erannorth Chronicles

Erannorth Chronicles


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