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Escape from the death castle


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Escape from the death castle
Escape from the death castle

You don’t know why you are locked in this castle, but you know you should escape here.

Enemies are everywhere, and they will never let you through. Their only purpose is to prevent you from leaving. All you can do is find for food and weapons in each room, improve your attribute ability, defeat them one by one, and leave here.

*Turn-based combat with every step considered.

*Attribute point system to customize your own character.

*Enemies are completely random.Each time you restart the game, the enemies encountered on the way are completely different from the last time.

*The supplies are completely random, you may starve to death without food, or you may have synthesized the strongest form of weapons early.

*As you move forward, the enemy will become more and more powerful and start to have different special abilities, don’t be careless.

Escape from the death castle

Escape from the death castle


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