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Fantasy of Expedition


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Fantasy of Expedition
Fantasy of Expedition

Fantasy of Expedition is a Roguelike Action Adventure Game where players lead their own army on an expedition mandated by the Heavens. Be careful what choices you make on our randomized maps! Recruit, purchase, and gather relics to win battles and solve events. Your destiny awaits!

Key Fetures:

  • Build your own army! Choose from a diverse selection of followers, each with their own skills and Squad composition! Plan a special strategy just for them!
  • Hate micromanagement? No problem! Utilize our AI system for every unit!
  • Routes, followers, skill level-ups, formations… There are plenty of choices for you to have fun with!
  • Go for a perfect kill or develop a unique Formation! It’s all up to you!
  • Real-time Combat with tons of different units! Organize the best formation for different battles and strategies!
  • Followers in different positions of your formation can obtain different trait bonuses!
  • Follow randomized growth patterns to develop units exclusive to you!
  • Randomized worlds and encounters… Every journey will be a new adventure!
  • Dozens of followers, skills, items, and monsters! Test your strategic thinking!

Fantasy of Expedition

Fantasy of Expedition


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