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Final Upgrade


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Final Upgrade
Final Upgrade

After the loss of countless lives, humanity has accepted the fact that space is not for organic beings.

You play as an Artificially Intelligent (AI) Supercomputer, designed to operate machines in space.

Your task will be to establish colonies on distant planets and supply them with an infinite flow of resources.

Starting from scratch, you must build a huge network of production stations, transport ships, mining vessels and battleships; improve technology and fight other mechanical factions for the control of territory.

Key features:

Scale: 100 active locations (updated in real time). Up to 100 space stations producing, storing goods and weaponry; guarding trade routes, researching new technologies. Up to 600 spaceships mining, transporting goods and waging space battles.

Procedural geometry: you can create ships and stations of all forms and shapes. First prototype your design in the blueprint editor, then build dozens-to-hundreds later. Various building materials have different resiliences to different damage types. A viable strategy is to build ships with certain materials to face certain enemies. A damaged ship or station can be repaired; it can also be captured in battle and dismantled for basic materials.

Total resource visualization: all resources are presented in a 3D environment (items, weapons, liquids, energy). No hidden inventories.

Automation: create mining route to supply your stations with raw resources. Build complex production chains using various machines; connect them via pneumatic and liquid tubes. Link your stations and colonies with trade routes.

Final Upgrade

Final Upgrade


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