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Frame – Portals on Steroids


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Frame – Portals on Steroids
Frame – Portals on Steroids

Frames work like every other door frame: you go through them and then you are somewhere else. The only difference is that with frames this “somewhere else” can be anywhere, discontinuities in space included.

If anywhere should be somewhere else frames can be moved.

If something is in the right place, but with the wrong size frames can change the size of objects.

And if something falls in an inconvenient direction frames can change gravity of objects.

And frames can do even more:

All this results in a staggering number of puzzle-possibilities and the carefully crafted levels make sure to use them to the fullest in this logic-based physics-puzzler.

Other features are:

Thinking with portals is easy. Now, try thinking with frames.

Key Fetures:

  • The ubiquitous cubes and activation buttons.
  • A “Paint Gun” allows to dynamically open and close frames.
  • A “Light Gun” that changes how objects interact with frames.
  • Frames can have any size and appear in high numbers.
  • All features of frames are implemented in the most general way possible and cooperate with each other. No scripted events, no restrictive special cases.
  • A story almost as complex as the game mechanics.
  • All mechanics are explained “intuitively” through level-design without the need of explicit tutorials or text.
  • 85 levels. Every single level exploits a different aspect of the mechanics. No filler, no repitition.
  • A hint mechanic, so you never get stuck.
  • Full support for mouse/keyboard and controller with freely configurable inputs.

Frame – Portals on Steroids

Frame – Portals on Steroids


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