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GearHead Caramel


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GearHead Caramel
GearHead Caramel

It’s been a year since the Typhon Incident, when a biomonster from the Age of Superpowers awoke and rampaged across the Earth. Aegis Overlord, having consolidated power on Luna, begins preparation to extend their domination across the solar system. The L5 Alliance attempts to maintain a fragile peace while their member-states bicker and war among themselves. To make matters worse, the cyberpop band Love Magnet just announced that they’re splitting up. I trust that all of you know what this means.

It’s time to fire up your giant robot and go do some stomping.

GearHead Caramel is a turn based tactics style scifi mecha Roguelike RPG set in a world recovering from the apocalypse. Take control of an immensely powerful mecha, build a team of unique lancemates, and change the future for better or worse. This is the third game in the GearHead series, though you don’t need to have played the previous two to jump right in. Your character can play through a series of adventures set in various times and places in the GearHead universe. Currently there are two adventure modules, with more to follow.

Features include:

Procedural Narrative: The game is different every time you play it. In addition, the game world will react to your decisions. NPCs remember their past interactions with you and will treat you accordingly.

Both Mecha and Personal Scale Combat: GearHead may be a mecha game, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do on foot. You can explore dungeons, negotiate peace treaties, replace body parts with cybernetics, and even get swallowed whole by gigantic biomonsters.

Detailed Mecha Build System: Upgrade your mecha with parts from the customization shop or taken as salvage from missions. There are dozens of standard mecha to choose from, ranging from giant sword-wielding robots to city-levelling tanks. You can even design new mecha from scratch, but be warned- you might end up facing your own designs in combat!

GearHead Caramel

GearHead Caramel


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