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Gemini Strategy Origin


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Gemini Strategy Origin
Gemini Strategy Origin

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The Gemini Strategy: Origin is the work of TSM series. This game still adopts the way of strategy.

Return to traditional strategy game

Move, attack, skill, prop, standby. The traditional war chess operation menu brings you back to the traditional strategy game world and recalls the past good times~

Free transfer

Each role can be transferred once, and there are two directions. Create your strongest team through different professional cooperation!

Numerous roles

The number of operable roles in this work has reached 12, and each role has its own characteristics, it’s made a fantasy world.

Challenging special conditions

The game has special conditions from the beginning of the first stage. For you, a veteran strategy player, how to achieve more special conditions will be a problem for you.

A richer plot

The game will change between the real and virtual worlds. Different choices will give you different results, so pay attention to every choice!

We hope to make a better game, which needs your support. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Gemini Strategy Origin

Gemini Strategy Origin


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