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・Card Battle Game + Visual Novel Game

The game is a combination of a card battler with a visual novel.

Although the combat mechanics are similar to the standard rouge-like deckbuilding card game, we implemented many strategical elements such as card combination skills, combo systems, etc. to create a dynamic battle experience.

The game includes RPG elements.

Gain experience and level up to select skills that match your playstyle.

Collect different foods and relics to overcome obstacles.

・Story Mode

Play the Story Mode if you want to enjoy the various stories and events,

And the Rouge-like Mode if you want to test your skills!

In the Story mode, you can enjoy the unique story of the main character, Helmetman.

Patrol the city to resolve cases and help citizens in trouble.

You may meet new people, and experience new situations and events.

But don’t forget, your final objective is to defeat all of the Dokkaebi Gang and reclaim Old Town.

Play as Helmetman, a realistic hero, and talk with unique characters and enjoy various events.

・Rouge-Like Mode

Rouge-like Mode is a challenging game mode.

With 4 major chapters, you will need to clear 56 randomly located stages.

Your deck and character are reset when you die during battle, but don’t despair too much.

The points you collect during the game can be used to strengthen your character.

* New playable characters are planned to be added.

We plan to add new playable characters.

Various modes, multi-character battling, challenge mode, etc. are currently in development.

We hope you will enjoy these future updates!




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