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Incremental Factory


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Incremental Factory
Incremental Factory

Welcome to “Incremental Factory”, a world where you’re not just building a factory, but an entire industrial empire!

From the mind of a lone engineer, watch as your empire grows into a sprawling network of parcels and clusters, each humming with the rhythmic dance of machinery. This is more than just an automation game – it’s an intricate dance of strategy, planning, and constant optimization, where every decision you make has a ripple effect throughout your entire enterprise.

Construct and operate your own factory, managing the flow of resources, overcoming challenges, and constantly optimize your production chains. With a whole array of tools and structures at your disposal, the power to create a bustling industrial empire is in your hands.

Incremental Factory is a living, breathing game, with an active community that plays a vital role in shaping updates and bug fixes. Together with your fellow players, you’ll help to shape the game and create an ever-evolving experience that’s as immersive as it is challenging.

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Are you ready to build your own industrial empire and conquer the challenges of Incremental Factory? Your journey starts here… The Factory Must Grow!

What others say about the game

“This is honestly one of my dream games. I love Factorio but it’s such a time sink. I’ve always wanted a good logistics game that could just run in the background. As long as it gets regular updates I can see myself coming back to it for years”

“It’s one of the best idle games I’ve found.”

“This game is the perfect incremental of factorio, I swear!”

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