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League Manager 2023


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League Manager 2023
League Manager 2023

League Manager 2023 is back.

The important thing is an unbroken heart.

Find the right team for you. Meet the expectations of the board and fans and taste the joy of beating the strong teams to win the best awards.

Recruit a superstar or nurture a superstar yourself. Complete the world’s top teams by completing the right combination of prospects and veterans.

Team play style is up to you. Record your victory with your own strategy and Ben Pick and make long-lasting memorable moments on Match Day.

What’s New This Season

a statistical system

You can view league, player, and champion statistics. You can now use the data to establish a supervisory strategy.

Balance Patch System

A champion balance patch is made every certain period. You can become a good manager only by analyzing balance patches and developing strategies and Benfic.

Injury & Mental Management

An obstructive factor has been added to the player’s growth. Manager and team management are needed to grow into a top tier player.

Improved Scouting System

In order to know the opponent’s information, you have to send scouts consistently. In the negotiation stage with the player, the amount setting and change were improved, and AI’s scouting behavior was improved.

Improvement of training system

We have improved the convenience of our personal training system, and added potential growth to special care to help you grow your desired competitors to the limit.

Chinese League Improvements

The number of Chinese leagues has increased from 10 teams to 17, and the play-off system has also been modified.

Match Engine Improvement

Improved UI & Effects

League Manager 2023

League Manager 2023


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