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Line War


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Line War
Line War

Line War is a new type of PvP multiplayer-only RTS game.

Inspired by classic RTS titles like Command and Conquer with a nod to famed board game Axis and Allies, Line War combines elements of 4X, wargame, and real-time tactics genres into a unique strategic experience for veterans and newcomers.

Line War’s versatile control system allows players to quickly and intuitively issue commands by drawing lines across the battlefield to move units, form defensive lines, engage enemies and conquer territories. Configure your command lines to filter out certain units to flank your enemies, dig-in or feed distant frontlines.

This game has a never-before-seen approach that lets you focus on drawing commands and executing a strategy rather than managing individual units. Chain commands and execute orchestrated operations for coordinated attacks against your opponent. This command system sets Line War apart from other strategy games.

Line War features a single traditional, recognizable army to ensure the game’s focus is on balance and strategy. Each unit plays a distinct and carefully balanced role.

Land Units: Infantry, Commando, Artillery, Tank, SAM

Air Units: Helicopter, Interceptor, Striker, Bomber, Transport Jet, Rocket

Naval Units: Landing Craft, Destroyer, Missile Ship, Cruiser, Submarine

Line War focuses on strategy. We’ve designed the game around the typical RTS problems to remove the steep learning curve and need for ultra-fast micro-management so you can focus on planning and executing a strategy.

Draw Commands. Create movement and attack commands by drawing directly onto the map, giving players flexible control over unit actions.

Replay Again & Again. Randomly generate asymmetrical worlds to ensure no match or strategy is ever the same.

Line War

Line War


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