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Lorenzo il Magnifico


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Lorenzo il Magnifico
Lorenzo il Magnifico

Florence, the cradle of Italian Renaissance. The city is experiencing an unprecedented economic and cultural flourishing: will your family prevail and control the city?

Lorenzo il Magnifico is a worker placement game, using three dice value to determine the strength of player’s workers.

Each game runs for three eras, and each era runs for two rounds.

During each round, you will move your family members through the narrow streets of Florence to acquire new territories, buildings and heroes, to complete quests or to work in your domains and gain resources. Send them to visit the Market in order to acquire coins, servants, military power or privileges from the city council.

But your clever plan could be screwed up by the Pope!

Each player must pay the required amount of Faith in order to avoid excommunication… or pay a terrible price!

After the sixth round, player tally their victory points and the winner will be the Signore di Firenze!

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorenzo il Magnifico


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