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Mech Engineer (v1.0.65)


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Mech Engineer  (v1.0.65)
Mech Engineer (v1.0.65)

Mech Engineer is a mech lover’s dream come true: you will oversee every aspect of your squad’s operation, from optimizing the reactors to fine-tuning weapons systems. Carefully tweak and balance each mech’s weight, energy, and heat systems to maximize efficiency.

The skills and emotional state of each pilot also play an important role, along with the effective management of your base and resources. You will deploy your finely calibrated and tuned machines onto missions, where your decisions during semi-auto battles (with active pause) against a mutating alien bio-weapon will mean life or death.

First, start assembling your mechs

You start with the reactor: increase its power output by selecting pistons and injectors, while adding auxiliary components to keep the core temperature down. Consider all the factors, like the temperature of the environment you will deploying in; overheating can lead to a shutdown in the middle of a battle, not ideal.

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Second, prepare your weapons

Customize your weapons and test them in the simulator: rate of fire, weight, energy consumption, accuracy, and firepower. Consider the enemies you will encounter and how fast you will be expending ammunition.

Third, finalize your mechs

Weight and available energy are the main concerns when assembling your machines; strategize and carefully consider the trade-offs relative to enemies and the terrain.

Fourth, choose your pilots

Even the most effective combat machine will perform poorly if the pilot is not skilled enough or sufficiently rested. Stress is a killer as much as those nasty bugs.

Fifth, combat time!

Give your brave pilots a position or attack orders and watch them try to survive performing it.

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