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Militia 2


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Militia 2
Militia 2

Militia is back with more bite-sized strategy that evolves to match your skill! Rank up in both Push World and Beam World by using creative combinations of Militia to beat back the ruffians that challenge you!

Militia 2 features a host of intriguing new Militia and dastardly enemies, spread across two distinct and fascinating Worlds. In Push World, you’ll cleverly reposition allies and enemies and dunk them into the water with a satisfying splash. Beam World has players reflecting magical beams with various interesting effects to help and hinder friend and foe alike.

Militia 2 is designed with clear and transparent rules for both your units and the enemies so you can spend your time focusing on your tactics rather than memorizing complicated rules.

Brought to you by the makers of Solar Settlers, Minos Strategos and Axes and Acres.

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Militia 2

Militia 2


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