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Mini Countries


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Mini Countries
Mini Countries

Mini Countries is a level-based strategy/puzzle game where a resource transport network must be built for a country.

Each level stands for a country that has different resources and characteristics. An ever increasing number of cities requires skill and good planning to meet the global request of resources for all cities. Upgrade cities and industries to provide better materials to your more demanding inhabitants.

Transport resources from storage buildings to demanding cities

Choose new items each month to bring your country forward

Import resources which are not produced in your country

Export resources to generate knowledge

As a player, it is your task to deliver resources to demanding cities. Create a transport network by making connections between buildings to make transport possible. As the game progresses, you can upgrade cities and give them a focus. A workers’ city has the advantage that connected trade and industry buildings produce resources faster, whereas a science city – as the name may suggest – generates new knowledge.

Key Fetures:

  • Build trade buildings to produce resources in your country
  • Make sufficient storage buildings available
  • Plan your resource production according to different seasons
  • Upgrade resources by constructing industry buildings
  • Integrate famous landmarks into your country
  • Decide on one branch for the development of your cities: Workers’ cities allow trade and industry buildings to produce resources faster and science cities improve the growth rate and thus the generation of further knowledge points

Mini Countries

Mini Countries


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