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Moose Miners


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Moose Miners
Moose Miners

Take control of a mining operation run by moose. They mine and sell the gems. You need to decide where to spend the profits. Hire more miners and upgrade their gear. Buy new rails and minecarts to get deeper into the mine. The deeper you get the more valuable gems you will find.

The moose will mine and collect the gems for you. Just make sure they have the best gear possible to do a good job.

Build and upgrade grinders to process the gems and make them ready to be transported for sale.

Expand your operation. Build new railway to allow for collection deeper into the mine. Or hire new miners and upgrade their gear to mine more gems faster.

In Moose Miners there is no lose condition. Play actively and upgrade your miners and infrastructure as soon as you get the money from selling the gems, or let the miners mine while you do something else and come after a while and upgrade a bunch of things at once.

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Key Fetures:

  • 19 different gem types appearing as the you mine deeper into the map, each new more valuable than the previous
  • A huge map with over 100 million gems to mine
  • Hire and upgrade miners to mine gems faster
  • Buy and upgrade grinders to process gems faster
  • Buy and upgrade rails and minecarts to deliver gems faster to your base

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