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Necronator: Dead Wrong


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Necronator: Dead Wrong
Necronator: Dead Wrong

Modern Wolf presents Necronator: Dead Wrong, developed by Toge Productions, the creators of the Infectonator series and Coffee Talk.

Those instructors at the Undead Academy don’t understand your talent. Why trudge your way through years of training… when you could just make a deal with an evil ancient demi-god? Choose a unique commander and join forces with the all-powerful Necronator to conquer the Livmore Alliance and restore the Necronator to his former glory.

Dark paths to tread: Become one of several distinct commanders, each with powerful spells and a unique unit. The commanders all have their own reasons for seeking the Necronator, and their stories unfold in different single-player narrative campaigns, co-written by former Fallen London scribe Chandler Groover.

The dead rise at your command: Collect and power up undead units to deploy onto the field in exciting, fast-paced lane defense RTS combat. There are over 20 units, each with upgradeable powers and synergies with other units. Refine and swap out units in a deck-building-style meta-game.

Key Fetures:

  • 5 unique commanders with their own narrative campaigns
  • Many more undead and human alliance units
  • 4 distinct biomes with different gameplay effects

Necronator: Dead Wrong

Necronator: Dead Wrong


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