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Old Stories: Fireheart


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Old Stories: Fireheart
Old Stories: Fireheart

A cult rages on a remote island. They are lead by a fearless and powerful woman called ‘Fireheart’. They terrorise and attack cities, villages and travelers.

You play as an adventurer, who got stranded on the island called “Keron”. Assemble other adventuers and take them in your party, defeat monsters, fulfill quests, get stronger and defeat the ‘Fire worshippers’.


Key Fetures:

  • A living and breathing open world awaits you. Explore and discover different places, find treasures, finish quests and slay terrifying monsters.
  • Hire different adventurers with their strengths and weaknesses. Warriors, Mages, Archers or Priests, get stronger, undergo adventures and share your experiences.
  • Control your companions as you can change their settings. Do you allow them to use potions from your inventory? Perhaps they should stop talking altogther?
  • Go beyond your limit – train, pray or use crystals to extend your potential. This also applies to your companions.
  • Gather resources and forge your weapons so that you are prepared for the toughest enemies.
  • Defeat your enemies in real-time. Every attack, every dodge and every block is essential to gain the upper hand.

Old Stories: Fireheart

Old Stories: Fireheart


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