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One Step From Eden


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One Step From Eden
One Step From Eden

Eden is the last shining beacon of hope in a bleak post-war world.

One Step from Eden combines strategic deck-building and real-time action with rogue-like elements, giving you the chance to carve a path of mercy or destruction. Fight alone or with a friend in co-op as you cast powerful spells on the fly, battle evolving enemies, and collect game-changing artifacts. Can you make it to Eden or will your destruction be imminent?


Experience a blend of strategy and real-time action. Build your deck and fight through bullet hell as you make your way to Eden.

Comprehensive Deckbuilding.

Customize your deck and play style with 200+ spells and 100+ game-changing items.

Varied Gameplay.

A cast of 9 playable characters across procedurally generated levels with alternate runs ensures you’ll never experience the same situation or outcome twice.

Play with Friends.

Fight your way to Eden in local co-op or in PvP.

The Game Keeps Going.

Full Steam Workshop and mod support!

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden


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