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Orch Star


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Orch Star
Orch Star

Orch Star is a real-time strategy game set in an immersive space universe where orchs and elves fight for domination. Control your fleet of orch ships using either a traditional desktop setup or VR gear as you conquer the planets necessary to seize control of strategic systems.

Perform quick, cunning maneuvers to crush your opponents as you lead a rebellion through the 15 increasingly difficult scenarios of the campaign. Challenge other players in online battles as you show the world the great warlord you’ve become, or explore the Level Editor and create beautiful scenarios to share with the world.

Desktop / Virtual Reality

Orch Star can be played in either Desktop or Virtual Reality (VR) mode. The traditional desktop mode is played on a monitor using mouse and keyboard, while the VR mode is played using a supported VR headset and handheld controllers.

There is no difference in content between the two modes; they are simply two different interfaces for playing the game. Throughout its development, Orch Star has been designed to be fun and challenging for both modes. Purchasing a copy of the game will allow you to play in either mode at any time, provided you have the necessary equipment.

Lead a Rebellion

Lead a rebellion against the vast Mevorian Empire as you play through the 15 carefully designed scenarios of the single-player campaign. Take the role of the great warchief Orca Wartusk, who started a revolution among the scattered orch clans after almost 600 years of Mevorian oppression. Rally the remaining orch clans by proving your superiority as warchief, then venture into the elven starseas to conquer their ancient systems and foreign technology. Discover new ships, technologies and spells to further enhance your capabilities.

Orch Star

Orch Star


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