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球球少女/Pinball Girls


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球球少女/Pinball Girls
球球少女/Pinball Girls

Introduction to the game

“Pinball Girls” is a game combined with pretty girl, pinball and galgame. The story begins with the agreement that “me” signs an alliance with Cyrili to collect the “destiny energy ball” needed together.

Along the way, you will transform yourself as variety of gentlemen and appear beside all kinds of 9 girls to help them achieve their wishes.

From now on, “destiny” will be in hand, everything will be changed by you!

Story introduction

“Me”, who was dying, accidentally met Cyrili of “Nyanyanya” planet in my dream. With the goal of waking up and saving the planet, I made an alliance with her and began collecting “destiny energy ball”.

“Destiny energy ball” was born in the hearts of young girls, and it came into being after they achieved their wishes. And “I”, therefore, became variety of identities, appeared around different girls to help them achieve their wishes and change the ending.

Game features

◆Rich stories, up to 9 heroines’ stories.

◆Using animation technology, let our character CG move!

◆Exquisite images, extraordinary visual feast.

◆The pinball play is easy and decompressing.

◆Support the whole process of Chinese voice.

球球少女/Pinball Girls

球球少女/Pinball Girls


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