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Purple Noise Echo


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Purple Noise Echo
Purple Noise Echo

Purple Noise Echo is a dark neon atmospheric tactical game in which you play Node, a silicon entity who starts from nothing in a singular place where everything has to be discovered and understood.

It’s a low pace game where you have to use your brain, not a gun!

No past, no memory, no identity.

Start from nothing and discover what you can do along the way. Explore to understand the environment, and perhaps yourself.

Move tiles up or down, unlock doors, create ways.

Alone, you’re weak. Surround yourself with entities, control them, give them skills. Are they allies our just tools?

The path isn’t straight and simple. Find how to get through the levels.

Some will try to stop you and resources are limited. Think twice and use non-lethal strategies to make your way through.

Purple Noise Echo

Purple Noise Echo


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