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Rec Center Tycoon


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Rec Center Tycoon
Rec Center Tycoon

What is Rec Center Tycoon?

Rec Center Tycoon draws inspiration from the simulation-management classics like Theme Hospital as well as modern classics like Prison Architect to give you a deep, challenging business management game where you build and run a recreation center from the ground up.

Micromanage employees, finances, fitness classes, customer needs and much more!

Key features

It’s up to you to choose the right employee for the job!

What’s planned

On early-access release Rec Center Tycoon will only be available for the Windows platform with possibilites for Mac & Linux support added after.

Key Fetures:

  • Sandbox gamemode with Career mode coming soon.
  • Micromanage employees to get the best performance out of them while keeping them happy.
  • Challenging gameplay; unlike many other management games, failure is a possibility in Rec Center Tycoon, you must keep your customers happy or they may leave negative reviews which can hurt future business leading poor profits.
  • Large selection of buy-able exercise equipment to keep customers satisfied.
  • Many different types of employees, from your simple receptionist to a boxing trainer.
  • Every employee has different motivations, skill levels & traits. Some employees may prefer short 5 hour shifts, others are happy to work 12 hour shifts. An unfit, yet charismatic employee won’t make a good lifeguard, but they might make a great receptionist.
  • Hire trainers & create your own fitness classes.

Rec Center Tycoon

Rec Center Tycoon


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