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Resistance: The 8th Wave


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Resistance: The 8th Wave
Resistance: The 8th Wave

Feature Gameplay:

During the game, in addition to the combat FPS shooting itself, players need to consider many random factors such as team training, task selection, equipment purchase, and power balance.

These factors will determine the outcome of the player’s game. However, failure is not the end. Relying on time and space technology, after the game fails, player can return to the starting time point and re-select and deploy. The more failures, the more support will be obtained at the beginning. After many deaths and failures, whether resistance learn how to defeat the invaders or not?


365 days, this is the only time left for mankind. After four shocks, human society has fallen apart. Can you lead mankind out of new world? Or are they trapped in an infinite cycle of time and space and cannot move forward?

Resistance: The 8th Wave

Resistance: The 8th Wave


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