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SGS Battle For: Hue


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SGS Battle For: Hue
SGS Battle For: Hue

Hué and the new Battles Series

SGS Hué is the third game of our SGS Battle Series, covering intense fights and battles in well know (or not) small but fighting-heavy locations ; ‘grand’ tactical’ scale for regiment, battalion, company and even platoon-size units (depending on the games) and game turns which represent a very short real period of time (one or two days, half a day, a few hours…).

The Battle of Hué took place from January 30 to March 3, 1968, as part of the Tet offensive launched by the North Vietnamese Army and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (better known as the Viet Cong) in early 1968. This confrontation was one of the longest and bloodiest of the Vietnam War, both in urban areas (in various parts of the city of Hué) and in more peripheral rural areas.

Hué, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, straddles Route 1, some 100 km south of the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and some 10 km west of the coast. With around 140,000 inhabitants, it was South Vietnam’s third-largest city in the 1960s. The tragedy of Hué in 1968 was exacerbated by its glorious past: fierce fighting took place in narrow streets, in more modern sectors with buildings transformed into fortresses, amidst ancient monuments…

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Key Fetures:

  • South Vietnamese units are of variable value and, in many cases, have mediocre firepower (elements of the 1st Division in Hué still have mainly M1 carbines, Garand rifles… M16s are not yet available, or only very rarely) ;
  • American units are powerful, but… if they suffer high casualties, their mobility is significantly reduced (reflecting the attention paid to the wounded). Artillery is devastating, but can only be used to a very limited extent at the start of the game, reflecting political constraints on the rules of engagement.
  • They are increasingly outnumbered, and will have to capitalize on fortifications, barricades and tunnels to hold on as long as possible; they can also rely on harassment actions ;
  • Losing certain areas on the outskirts of Hué will result in a drop in supplies and reduced effectiveness (lack of ammunition, food, medicine, etc.).

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