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山水画乡/Shanshui Haven


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山水画乡/Shanshui Haven
山水画乡/Shanshui Haven

Why we made this game:

* Craving the fun of city building without the burden of remembering complex building functions.

* Busy with work and study, unable to devote long hours to extensive games.

* A pure building experience, without dealing with the daily issues of virtual citizens.

《Shanshui Haven》 is a casual building placement game, every player can easily engage and enjoy the joy of building towns.

Game Features:

* Randomly Generated Grid Map: Every game is a brand new challenge, bringing you endless exploratory fun.

* Strategic Building Placement: Choose the right locations to place buildings, maximize your population score, and showcase your strategic wisdom.

* Diverse Buildings: Each building has its unique footprint and scoring rules; use them flexibly to build your dream city.

* Ancient Chinese-style Architecture: Feel as if you are immersed in a flowing ancient Chinese scroll.

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Do not buy this game if you are:

* A hardcore city-building enthusiast

* Looking for a multiplayer gaming experience

* Expecting an epic storyline

* Interested in conquest and combat elements

* A severe OCD sufferer

Consider buying this game if you:

* Appreciate traditional Chinese architectural art

* Enjoy a relaxed and pleasant gaming atmosphere

* Like games that are easy to pick up and addictive

* Are mildly OCD-friendly

* Are willing to spend less than $5 to support a few indie game developers.

In the game, you need to consider the interplay between buildings, the layout of the town, the shape of the buildings, and sometimes you may choose a suboptimal placement strategy for the sake of higher future scores. All the patient waiting may soon pay off. There are no competitive elements in the game, but if you wish to compare scores with other players, you can check the

山水画乡/Shanshui Haven PC Crack