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Soul Reaper


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Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper is a turn-based RPG that rewards careful planning and meticulous strategy. After surviving a psyche-splitting attack from The Midnight Council, players take control of the Soul Reaper as he quests to rebuild his army and become whole once again. By defeating monsters in combat, users can reap the souls of their enemies and allocate them to serve several unique purposes. Souls can be:

With many ways to divvy up your souls, it’s up to you to decide how best to utilize this vital resource. Scour the land in search for treasure to help you on your journey, and unlock new abilities on the overworld by bringing bosses to their knees. Regain your emotions by slaying the sentient Reaper Fragments, and defeat The Midnight Council before The Vault comes crashing down with you inside it.

Soul Reaper draws inspiration from both classic and contemporary RPG titles. Some games you might be reminded of while playing are:

Key Fetures:

  • Organized into 3×3 battle squads to fight in combat.
  • Fused with other souls to boost a creature’s XP.
  • Devoured by the Soul Reaper himself to advance his own stats.
  • Smithed into loot pieces that both the Soul Reaper and his troops can wear.
  • Slotted into equipment to add or enhance attributes.
  • Pokemon: Once you’re hooked on collecting souls, you’ll wanna reap ’em all.
  • Diablo: Loot with more stats than you can shake a ‘+50% stick-shaking’ stick at.
  • Final Fantasy: Side view turn-based combat, just like the old days!
  • Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow: Slay monsters, get souls. Repeat.

Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper


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