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SpaceBourne 2


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SpaceBourne 2
SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2 is an RPG-based, open-universe, single-player space shooter with an additional Third-person shooter game with dozens of features such as role-play, mining, trading, piracy, crafting, and deep exploration. The main story picks up where it left off in Spacbourne, but now your main goal is to raise a new empire in the galaxy. But how you do it is entirely up to you.

SpaceBourne 2 offers you tens of thousands of solar systems. Each solar system has a different structure, different planets to land on, and different areas to explore. All the locations, from solar systems to planets are procedurally generated. This makes each system unique and has tons of points to explore.

SpaceBourne 2 offers you huge planet surfaces. Each planet has its structure, climate, biomass, and gravity with cities, villages, caves, outposts, secrets to interact with. And the galaxy has tens of thousands of different planets that you can land on and explore.

Every scenario needs a hero.

In SpaceBourne you have two of them; Your Pilot and your Ship

With the new character customization system and the realistic rendering feature of Unreal Engine, you will create lifelike characters and embark on an adventure with your ships that you have modified according to your own preferences.

SpaceBourne 2 offers a deep diplomacy system. In the new system, there are Starlords loyal to each faction, and houses connected to Starloards. Each house has separate characteristics, stations, planets, cities, and fleets.

Diplomacy can now be done not only with factions but also with Starlords and Houses.

The relations of the Starlords in the galaxy can change all diplomatic dynamics in the game. This forces you to think hard before you act.

“Any galaxy is too big for one person to rule. “

SpaceBourne 2  (v2.0.0)

SpaceBourne 2  (v2.0.0)


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