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Starfighter General


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Starfighter General
Starfighter General


Build a Starbase, Research new ships, build a huge fleet of ships.

Take your fleet of ships, and fight other fleets of ships and bases.

Upgrade your Command Center to get more buildings (Max level 20), but other

buildings can level up to 1000 and beyond.

Use your Factory to Assemble more ships to battle on your side!

User Research Lab to unlock the ability to research higher tier ships.

Upgrade hangars to store more craft.

Upgrade Computrons to use more of your fleet in battle with a chip.

Mine for Xmatter with mining operations.

Store matter with Silos.

Get Power Plants to speed building.

Even get a building that will give you a trickle of virtal currency(Triderium)

Defend your base when you are offline with turrets.

Raid bases and shoot mining operations or silos to gain Xmatter.

Kill Ships/Buildings for scrap to build/research ships.

I think this game is legit good now, and it will be better.

Features I want to add:

Incremental Upgrades of each ship

Fleet placement Base/Attacking, and strategies.

Bomber and Assault ships to gain bombs/missiles.

MOBA(Actually done, but just launching single player at first because I don’t know how to host a server.)

Missions where you fight different skirmishes but get permanent loot.

A sort of galaxy conquering mode strategically, but your battles are fought in first person.

A grand Role Playing Game with Live Game Master where you get to alter the very course of the universe with any choice you make, and your actions are recorded. This is MMO and slated for a few months from now.


Starfighter General

Starfighter General


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