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Tactical Nexus


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Tactical Nexus
Tactical Nexus

As you will see when you play the free Demo, this game system is easy for anyone to create and yet quite enjoyable.

We are open to imitating the Nexus-system, which is the basis of this game, and to selling games with the same system as TacticalNexus.

Prices will not go down until at least 2027 and will continue to go up.

(In other words, the existence of TacticalNexus cannot be a disincentive to your games in the years leading up to that time.)

We are working hard to ensure that TacticalNexus is a game that is worth its list price in terms of game balance and QoL.

However, we are looking forward to subsequent games that better develop this game, rather than evaluating the game itself.


The current price is displayed as the list price. However, this is 70% off the original price.

Prices will change by 5% every 2 months.

The next price change will be 65% off around 2022/11/15/00: 00: 00 (PDT).

(In fact, the All price change will take place one week after Chapter-6 is sold.)

Please see here for the detail.

In the TacticalNexus series, The current average playing time is 182 hours.

Some players have played the game for more than 1000 hours.

On the other hand, the median is 21 hours and 47 minutes.

This data shows that the TacticalNexus series is causing a polarization between “greatly enthusiastic players” and “quick quit players”.

For this reason, a free trial version that can be played for tens of hours or more is released on the Steam store page.

Please play the free trial first so that you do not regret buying the game.

Tactical Nexus

Tactical Nexus


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