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Tau Cubis


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Tau Cubis
Tau Cubis

They are coming !

Discover the perfect strategies to fend off hordes of crazy robots!

Tau Cubis is a 3D Sci-Fi Tower Defense game, taking inspiration from the classic ‘Defense Grid’ with extra features (collaborative Towers, instant global targeting, truly autonomous enemies).

At first, choose a simple strategy to succeed in each Challenge. And maybe a different one to take the lead in the game’s online rankings !

Smart Towers

Just one click for all Towers to specifically target the fastest enemy, or the one closest to the base, or …

“Mazing” Tower Defense game

110+ challenges !


Notes from me 🙂

Don’t hesitate for any questions or feedback at

[email protected]

or in Steam Discussion section !

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Key Fetures:

  • Your Towers collaborate, buffing each other.
  • Your Towers can be assigned a global priority target type in real time :
  • Each enemy is truly autonomous and there is no predefined path !
  • Your choices immediately modify the dynamic of the fight for the whole map.
  • Each map is playable in 4 to 8 Modes for more than 110 challenges !
  • Compare Your score to the best scores or just your Friends’ through the Steam Leaderboards.
  • Please, keep in mind, Tau Cubis is a solo game development, is not story driven and does not feature cinematic.
  • The more challenges you complete, the more Towers, Enemies and Maps you unlock.
  • Tau Cubis is inspired by other games and especially the amazing franchise : Defense Grid.
  • I’d like to offer you a minimalist strategic Tower Defense game with colorful graphics and smart mechanics 🙂

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