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TerraForge (v0.65)


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TerraForge  (v0.65)
TerraForge (v0.65)

Your family, blacksmiths for generations, harbors an age-old ambition—to forge the ultimate weapon and be the best blacksmith. The key to this legendary creation lies in the Abyss, a fabled realm beneath the earth that holds the rarest mystical materials.


You must manage your mining operation, collect resources, and craft items to sell for profit.

Upgrade your mining tools and as you progress towards your goal, you can purchase better mining licences and delve deeper into the earth.

Collect mystical ancient relics to gain its power and boost your efficiency.

Purchase mining licences from different areas

Buy higher tier licences and discover rarer minerals.

Use your mining tools and gather raw materials

Use the tools and adapt to the circumstances.

Delve depper and deeper until you reach the depth of Abyss

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Key Fetures:

  • Manage your mining operation.
  • Dig out and mine procedural mining sites to gather raw materials.
  • Use several different mining tools, each has its own advantage.
  • Upgrade your tools to be more efficient and reach deeper layers to find rarer resources.
  • Collect powerful relics and gain its power.
  • Craft items to sell for profit and progress towards your goal.
  • Unlock exotic blueprints and gain more reputation.
  • Oh and don’t forget to just chill and watch how the worm eat all the dirt.

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