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The City Must Grow


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The City Must Grow
The City Must Grow

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A new city will be established on a flat plain and its administration has been given to you. In order to keep the administration in your hands, the city needs to develop continuously.

Your role in this game is to determine where the buildings and structures in the city can be built. Time and moves in the game are turn-based. Each move is given a random zoning type to mark on the map. After you mark zones, you move on to the next cycle and observe the developments in the city.

You can unlock more advanced types of buildings and structures by completing in-game objectives. Completing objectives also allows you to use different map view tools that will make management easier.

There are five main types of zones you manage; residential, agricultural, commercial, offices, and industrial. You need to constantly try to manage the distance between the zones, the density, and the balance between them correctly. Otherwise, escapes from the city may begin, unused buildings may collapse on their own, and the city may collapse with a chain effect.

Key Fetures:

  • Fun way to kill some time
  • It is a challenging, puzzle-like, minimal city building game
  • It is turn-based, you make your move and proceed to the next cycle
  • It is fast phased, but no time limitation, you can play slowly for relaxing
  • You will probably see the game over screen a lot but it is a part of the game
  • Has some objectives that unlock more advanced utilities and features
  • Information messages and warnings will lead you what to do
  • Your game state is saved each turn
  • It supports steam leaderboard
  • Optimization high priority, you don’t need a high spec hardware
  • No storyline
  • No traffic simulation
  • Almost no animation

The City Must Grow

The City Must Grow


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