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The Puzzle Box Society


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The Puzzle Box Society
The Puzzle Box Society

Welcome to The Puzzle Box Society

We are a group of thieves whose goal is to take down our corrupted government, and now so are you. We will be sending you out on jobs to steal specific items we need. It will be your job to break in, get past the security systems, find the secret areas, and steal the valuables we sent you to find. Anything else you find is free pickings.

Any questions? No? Good.

Get out there, and try not to get caught.

In The Puzzle Box Society you play as a thief and to achieve your ultimate goal of taking down the corrupt government you will need to steal specific key items to aide you on your quest. To steal these items you will need to break into secure areas, bypass complicated and dangerous security systems, solve difficult puzzle boxes, and find secret rooms and hidden areas. These systems are designed to keep you out so you will have to outsmart and exploit flaws in their secretive systems to defeat your enemies, learn their secrets, and take their valuables as your own.


– 10 immersive levels filled with many challenging puzzles to solve

– 4 extra challenging bonus puzzles

– Custom sound track

– Achievements

– Cloud saves

The Puzzle Box Society

The Puzzle Box Society


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