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The Warlin of Heroes


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The Warlin of Heroes
The Warlin of Heroes

“The Warlin of Heroes” is a martial arts card game with rogue-like elements. As players climb the tower to level up, they will collect martial arts techniques that can be used to form unique and flashy card combos. Will you use the mighty Descending Dragon Palm into an elegant Leap of 1000 Li? Or will you use the unrivaled Solitary Sword with supreme Taiji Boxing? The choice is in your hands.


The game contains an in-depth and extensive martial arts system with 48 external techniques, 20 internal techniques, and 19 Qigong techniques. In total, there are 87 martial arts techniques with their own unique effects and skills. Each technique can be combined for all new exciting gameplay!


The game is a classic tower climbing game with each level presenting a random variety of choices to the player, such as: combat, events, shops, meditation, recovery, and rewards. Choose wisely to increase your strength and take on challenges accordingly to clear levels and beat the bosses.


The game’s combat is based on the strengths and weaknesses of the five elements in a guessing game against your opponent. Each element is strong against two elements, but weak to two as well. Combine the special effects of skills with your ultimate in intense simulated martial arts combat.


The story takes place in a martial arts world with four new schools established by the masters Liang, Jin, Gu, and Wen. The heroes of Warlin will retell their tales in an all new adventure!

Here is our plan for the following updates. Any changes or immediate bug fixes will be specified in the current update log.


1. Update character voices and non-combat related sound effects, such as: in-combat button presses, leveling up, opening chests, etc.

2. Fix Settings content and add a volume bar.

The Warlin of Heroes

The Warlin of Heroes


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