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ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue


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ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue
ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue


The Steam version of this game is the basic consumer edition of the game, which has limited support. The professional edition of this game (subscription-based license) can be found at

It’s Cyber Warfare… Turn-Based Strategy Style

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue is an educational game-based cybersecurity simulator designed for those with genuine interest in cybersecurity. Learn and practice cybersecurity concepts & strategy, play as the red team (hackers) or the blue team (defenders), single player or online vs. a colleague.

NOTE: ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue is not designed to be just a “game” meant strictly for entertainment. It is a game-based (or gamified) cybersecurity simulator designed for educational purposes. Therefore, it might be very challenging for some people, and common “gameplay” or “quality of life” features might also be absent or different than one might expect from a standard gaming experience.

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Key Fetures:

  • Based on real-world cybersecurity
  • 1-on-1 internet and local hot seat (shared screen) multiplayer
  • Single player versus the computer AI
  • Cross-platform multiplayer enabled
  • In-game real-world cybersecurity advice and hints
  • Configurable settings
  • In-game “Wiki” with game play concepts and instructions, as well as real-world cybersecurity definitions and concepts
  • Comprehensive game guide (pdf)
  • Active Discord community with gamers as well as cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts

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