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Tower Tactics: Liberation


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Tower Tactics: Liberation
Tower Tactics: Liberation

Tower Tactics: Liberation fuses deck-building roguelikes and the tower defense genre like never before – deploy your towers, collect valuable trinkets and cast powerful spells to defend yourself against the Salkoth!


Roguelike essence: Every game is different! Make your way through procedurally generated maps, with changing layouts. Choose a riskier or safer path, build a different deck, fight in different environments and obtain different trinkets while keeping the experience always fresh.

Deck creation: Choose your arsenal! Decide from a wide assortment of towers and spells that complement each other to maximize your chances of success.

Valuable relics: Obtain powerful relics that will greatly improve your deck, giving you new possibilities or reinforcing existing interactions. How much will you sacrifice to get them?

Key Fetures:

  • More than 150 cards to add to your decks!
  • More than 120 trinkets to find!
  • More than 30 different offerings to increase your power in the Sanctuary!
  • More than 60 different combat environments!
  • More than 30 mysterious events! What will destiny bring you?
  • 18 decks with completely different combat strategies!
  • And much more to come! We update the game frequently to add more content.

Tower Tactics: Liberation  (v1.0)

Tower Tactics: Liberation  (v1.0)


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