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Uh Oh Calico!


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Uh Oh Calico!
Uh Oh Calico!

Prepare yourself for a challenging, strategic, exciting and fur-strating puzzle game! Inspired by the popular Suika Game (Watermelon Game) comes this 3D cat-tastic game of combining growing cats in a confined claw machine. Make combos to get a high score, and try to win the game without any cats falling out!

Looking for a challenge? 2 Additional modes are included as FREE DLC; “OH NO All Calico!” and Bomb Defusal!

Additional FREE updates, challenges and features planned!

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🐱Combine cats in a 3D space to watch them grow and earn points!

🐱Watch your score reach new heights using the Combo System rewarding skilled combiners!

🐱 Challenge modes included to give some extra fun for master players!

🐱 Future challenges and features as FREE updates

Uh Oh Calico! Torrent Download

🐱 Lively Jazzy themes!

Uh Oh Calico! PC Crack