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Voidlifted is a turn-based strategy game divided into two main parts: Campaign and Battle. On the Campaign map, you develop your kingdom by building new structures, buy new equipment recruit and upgrade your units. On Battle mode, your main focus is to defeat the enemy in the current mission by a melee attack, casting spells, or shooting all sorts of missiles.

Earth is gone.

You live in a small kingdom on the island lost in space.

There is still hope.

Team up with other kingdoms to save the planet.

Key Features

Develop kingdom – you can build up to 13 different buildings,

Go on missions – to gain money to develop your realm; You can go on a quest on the neighbor’s islands,

Recruit soldiers– you can recruit three basic units: soldier, mage, and archer with each different abilities,

Battle mode – fight with bandits, and your enemies on the specially prepared map,

Upgrading units – as a reward some people can give you skills and spells you can teach your soldiers,

Trade with vendors – you can build four structures for merchants which they can sell you all sort of items,

Use items in battle – all purchased items can be used in combat in different ways,

Reputation system – You can gain respect on other kingdoms if so they will give you more reward,

Conquest another kingdoms – You can fight on different campaign maps to gain control over another kingdom.




System minimum

System recommended