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Wulin Chess


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Wulin Chess
Wulin Chess

“Wulin Chess” is an enthralling turn-based strategy game seamlessly blending a captivating plot with engaging gameplay. Craft diverse strategies to emerge victorious in the realms of dark arts and intricate storylines. Every move you make will cast unforeseen ripples across the chessboard and the world beyond. In this unfolding narrative, the stage is set for your strategic prowess – the encounter awaits your mastery!

Unique Art Style

The game exudes a Chinese dark martial arts style, distinct from traditional martial arts genres. Robust, tough, and carrying an air of solemnity, it encapsulates the essence of the game’s interpretation of the martial world. Immerse yourself in the ultimate ink painting style, conveying an ancient yet pristine atmosphere.

Cultivate a Roster of Martial Heroes

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In the storyline, gather characters (chess pieces) embodying unique martial hero traits, and flexibly assemble your exclusive lineup. Each hero possesses distinctive movement, attack, and skill attributes. Elevate their cultivation levels, choose powerful equipment and items strategically to enhance each character’s formidable combat capabilities.

Fast-paced Combat Experience

In contrast to conventional strategy games, combat in Wulin Chess unfolds at a brisk pace with an elevated strategic complexity. Swiftly confront enemies, challenging your resource management skills for a victorious outcome. Within battles, a unique “position-based attack effect” mechanic has been introduced. Back attacks, side assaults, and pressure formations can inflict increased damage along with special movement effects.

Diverse Mechanics on the Battlefield

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