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A Difficult Game About Climbing (v1.02)


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A Difficult Game About Climbing  (v1.02)
A Difficult Game About Climbing (v1.02)

Use only your mouse (or gamepad) to control your climber’s hands to pull yourself up an enormous, treacherous mountain full of challenges and surprises. Watch out for slippery surfaces as you make your way towards the peak. Eternal glory and a wonderful gift awaits all climbers who manage to reach the top!


But not:

Note from developer:

This game was created by one person, me (hello).This game is inspired by Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy which in itself is a homage to an even older game, Sexy Hiking by Jazzuo. I was certain that Bennett’s game would spawn countless of new types of games in a similar fashion that would present unique, focused and yet simple challenges. I was disappointed to see that trend not materialize fully and so took it upon myself to make this game, hoping to contribute to the spirit of a “Foddian Type” game genre.

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Key Fetures:

  • Punishing but not impossible gameplay. Practice makes perfect.
  • No filler, every obstacle is designed with intention.
  • Focused gameplay with no distracting elements.
  • No violence. You can never die or get hurt. But you can lose all your progress with one mistake… perhaps that is worse.
  • Climb, slip, fall. Over and over.
  • Endless suffering.
  • Legs… You cannot use your legs for some reason.

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