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First Feudal


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First Feudal
First Feudal

You start the game with a couple of peasants and limited resources to eventually turn your small settlement into a real medieval castle. Build, mine resources, grow crops, manufacture equipment, trade, and advance science on your own or by delegating tasks to your people. Greedy bandits will regularly raid your settlement, making you gather militia troops and repel the enemy.

Key features

Each peasant can have one of nine available professions. Once assigned, they will start executing corresponding tasks and orders — you don’t need to keep track of each individual resident. However, if you think that a regular peasant with three grades of education is not good at tactics, you can directly command groups of units or individual ones in combat

Start by processing stone and lumber, then advance your technologies to open new ways of growing your settlement: manufacturing, trade, lighting, comfort, equipment, defense. Your character and peasants will also be able to advance and improve their skills while doing useful work.

Key Fetures:

  • Managing peasants.
  • Develop the infrastructure.
  • Settlers.
  • Battles.
  • Agriculture.
  • Trade.


System minimum

System recommended