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The Daunting House


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The Daunting House
The Daunting House

While going towards a recce, the paranormal researchers’ Veer and Zoya get their car crashed at a mysterious location near a village in the foothills of the Himalayas. With no one around them, they become curious and begin exploring in search of some help but eventually get trapped in the village’s mysterious house which holds paranormal activities. In the quest to save Zoya, Veer fights and resolves the mysteries of the house to make an escape safely.

Veer fights unimaginable terror and enemies for survival and unravels what’s behind this evil force.

Solve puzzles, gather resources without falling for the cruel traps as you struggle to survive against the demons of the house. Kill all the demons and solve the mystery of the house to make a safe escape. Save your partner.

The Daunting House

The Daunting House


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