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THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion


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THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion
THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion

For those of you who are hungry for survival horror.

Welcome to the new world of survival horror, where the elements of survival horror are fused together.

THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion is a survival horror game where you try to survive from an abandoned house.

This game is inspired by Japanese horror games such as “Resident Evil” and “SIREN”.



Survival from extreme conditions in a closed space.

This is survival horror at its best.

It’s a game that combines the elements of survival horror: Fear, Stealth, Exploration/Puzzle solving, and Item management.

This is the “all-inclusive” game experience that packs in all the elements of survival horror.

The “Multiple First-Person Views”, which is a feature of this game, will bring a new level of fear, immersion, and strategy to survival horror.

Key Fetures:

  • Gamepad (controller) support has been added in Update v1.2.0 (except for some screens). Please refer to the patch notes for details.
  • The inventory system has been improved in Update v1.1.2. Enemies will pause when you are interacting or displaying inventory, allowing you to explore more calmly.
  • Difficulty Correction Update v1.1.0 is now available. The difficulty level of both Easy and Normal has been lowered.
  • Using English: Any language setting is fine.
  • Using Japanese: Set to a language other than Simplified Chinese.
  • Using Simplified Chinese: Set to Simplified Chinese.

THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion

THE MADHOUSE | Infected Mansion


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