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The Maze


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The Maze
The Maze

The Maze was created to challenge you in many different ways, it has such a simple objective, find the end. I don’t want to describe too much about the game because I want the player to explore the game and enjoy the discovery of new things. The Maze is a very large 3d maze built on terrain, with vegetation, trees, water, and different biomes, it stretches many miles with dozens of different challenges, it also has a full active weather system that adds an awesome environment to the game. You will find some loot but you will have to craft most everything you will need to survive. During the day you can forage for berries and other food, you can even hunt animals for meat and leather, but at night you become the hunted and will need to find a safe place to set up camp and get you some sleep. All the souls the Maze has claimed walk the Maze at night looking for food YOU. so be careful and enjoy.

Please remember this game is in Early Access and is not complete yet, but it is very playable. Thanks for your support.

The Maze

The Maze


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