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Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons (v1.01)


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Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons  (v1.01)
Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons (v1.01)

Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons takes everything you love about classic metroidvanias and brings them together with a cooperative, modern twist! Join Pampas and Selene as they collect powerful artifacts, overcome monsters, demons, and a vengeful evil with the help of the gods themselves!

Experience the Retro 8-bit Adventure: Control both Pampas & Selene, swapping between them to conquer challenges, collect powerful artifacts, defeat monsters, and complete divine quests.

Built for the co-op experience: Alternatively, team up with a friend locally or online to freely explore the castle, all while seeing their POV, and being able to teleport to each other at any time!

Explore a Vast Castle: Traverse a huge castle with over 200 rooms to explore, including a trove of hidden secrets.

Divine Guidance Awaits: Enter sacred shrines to converse with the Greek gods. Complete their quests and gain legendary artifacts!

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Harness Enemy Souls: Use the Soul Gem to collect unique souls from each of your defeated adversaries: then, channel their energies to unleash fearsome attacks upon your foes!

Massive Item Collection: Unlock over 40 unique items to tailor your dungeon-crawling experience. Choose your path and conquer the castle your way!

Enter Demon Realms: Brave the treacherous dangers of 10 distinct evil realms, each with its own unique challenges. Gather powerful runes to summon and vanquish formidable demons!

This retro game is a loving tribute to an MSX2 masterpiece from Francisco Téllez de Meneses, the creator of UnMetal, Ghost 1.0, and UnEpic.

In years past, the Dark Priest invaded the kingdom of Greek. Two brave heroes entered the cursed Castle Greek and defeated the evil within. Now, nearly 40 years later, a new evil power has arisen, and armies of undead ravage the lands. Pampas and Selene—the children of those heroes’ past—take up their parents’ mantle and enter the ancient, ruined Castle Mogdoss to put an end to this new terrible threat.

Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons PC Crack