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Bichito Clicker


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Bichito Clicker
Bichito Clicker

Welcome to Bichito Clicker, a magical world of talking toasts where chaos is about to break loose.

In Bichito, you will take the role of the main character Ox, a warrior expert in drawing who, together with his most trusted pet friend, a talking toast, will seek to control the powers of an Emerald Elemental Stone through a pencil. At the same time, an evil version of Ox will absorb the powers of a corrupted crimson stone to fight and steal the emerald stone from Ox. Thus begins the story of Ox against Ozone’s evil plan.

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Clicker / Idle style game where you must use your skill and abilities by clicking on the Bichos on your screen to defeat them and thus obtain points to improve yourself and face other stronger Bichos.

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